Casio's newest and smallest digital camera with flash - I wanna have it - around 400 Euro

The best PocketPC money can buy for the moment - the O2-XDA but unfortunately with Sim-Lock !

A closer look at the new Fly-CF-Camera in action ! Without a flash a rather expensive gadget !

Compaq's PPC keyboard in action. Nice but I still prefer my Stowaway !

Since Fujitsu/Siemens's Loox does not have the looks and specs of the O2-XDA, I preferred to have a shot on their 'Booth GO GO Girls' !

Just by chanced I popped into Decuma's booth for PPC Handwriting technology. The program itsself is just about 160kb since it does not work on any dictionary. What they showed me works superb ! I think they're waiting for the big contract of Microsoft since they don't sell to individuals !